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TPPI Reset!

alright2 Developer posted Jul 16, 16

The map on TPPI has been reset!

Enjoy the refreshed, lag-free server.

As always, our map reset is accompanied by a 20% off sale!

Barry812 tag I guess the sell has ended...
bstewar6 tagtag How did you just now find out about this, guys? It was reset about 7PM GMT -6 last night.
SpiritofEuphoria tagAdmin
SpiritofEuphoria @ TPPI
Reset? Kickass

Event changes incoming

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Jul 1, 16

We are going to do some changes to the way we do events


- Will be planned ahead

- Some events will require people to be on teamspeak

- Better reward and planning

We are doing this for many reasons:

- More people to participate on events

- Gain a teamspeak population

- Give everyone and opportunity to participate

All this lets us do better giveaways

Remember we have a suggestion for forum 

So go post event ideas!

8_Bit_Fox tag So.... What about those who refuse to speak... I'm not exactly happy with having to be on team speak... I dont have...
dejus11 tagtagAdmin
dejus11 @ TPPI
Minecraft trivia night!
xXInsomniacXx Head Admin I would say a "Don't laugh comp" But with push to talk it would be sketchy

How to get support

JnKTechstuff Founder posted Jun 25, 16

This has been already been posted on the forums but I am also bringing this up to the front and top of the website

It seems that the website has become a mess of mostly support threads.

To clarify any confusion I am going to break it down and add a new way to contact me.

How to get support:

1. Ask in game (if able)
2. Ask in teamspeak (ts3.orekingdom.com)
3. Create a ticket (support tab, it is pretty obvious up there)
4. Create a forum thread (please in the correct section)
5. Contact a higher staff (me or alright2)

How to contact me for support or business inquiries:

- orekingdom.jnk@gmail.com (quickest and most reliable)
- Private message (simple and contained)
- Teamspeak (not always on and setting up ts meetings are annoying)

For any donation issues please skip all the above and contact me via email, pm, or Teamspeak


JnKTechstuff Founder posted Jun 11, 16

TPPI Just got a huge upgrade!

Ore Kingdom's Player Shops are NOW OPEN!

There are a limited supply though!

You will notice that this replaces the old server shop

These player shops will also take the place of auctioning items!

This is all a step towards having a working economy!

The shops are first come first serve

However staff will be monitoring the shops and when they go inactive they will be open

Also we have imposed a no "low effort rule"

If a shop shows no care it will be removed

Creative donors are not allowed a shop for obvious reasons

Finally the shops are done through towny so you need a special setup to be able to use them

(See tutorial shop on the server)

The shops are located where the PvP Arena was!

Happy selling,

Ore Kingdom Staff

CookieDotJar They're a nice addition, but I feel that it'd be nice to still have /auction as money now has little use at al...
TotallyIridium Mod Logging on now, Hope their is still some available.
LadyFeerilya tagtagtagtag that`s cool :)

Infinity Server

alright2 Developer posted Jun 6, 16

The Infinity Evolved Server is going to be down for maintence for the next few days, sorry for the interruption.

Surgebound tagtag It was already reset Ell the expert one is no more But your right the expert map needed it lol
LadyFeerilya tagtagtagtag I hope the server will be back up soon :)
Ellors tag
Ellors @ TPPI
Hope it comes up reset ....and soon ;D